Van Buren Boulevard Interchange Improvements Close to Completion

Van_Buren_13 van_buren_1

High-Light Electric began work on the Van Buren Boulevard intersection in the summer of 2012 in order to accommodate a traffic increase and allow for future growth.  The modifications include:

  1. A new Eastbound to Northbound entrance ramp.
  2. The realignment and widening of the boulevard
  3. Replacement of the bridges over the railroad and highway
  4. Minor realignment of Southbound I-215
  5. The addition of traffic signals
  6. Auxiliary lanes between Van Buren Boulevard and Cactus Avenue
  7. Acceleration/deceleration lanes south of the boulevard
  8. Various aesthetic changes

The modifications are set to be completed next month so keep an eye out for the changes!  To find out more information and see updates, go to the Riverside County Transportation Department website.

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