Perris Valley Line Extension Project


HLE is currently working on the Perris Valley Line Extension Project, which is a 24-mile extension of the Metrolink 91 Line, which provides service from Riverside to Los Angeles, California.  The line is currently one of the most heavily traveled and congested freeways in the region.

The new extension will operate through three cities – Riverside, Moreno Valley and Perris) and will bring commuter rail services to major employment areas.  It will eliminate thousands of vehicle trips per day on the freeways and provide a safe alternative to commuters.

The construction is expected to be completed by 2014.  Keep an eye out for more updates, and find out more information at the Riverside County Transportation Commission website.

Laurel Street Grade Separation Project

laurel-st-1HLE is working on the Laurel Street grade separation in order to separate vehicles and pedestrians from rail traffic.  Nearly 90 trains pass over Laurel Street on a daily basis, resulting in a total “gate down” time of over 4 hours.  In addition, the grade separation will greatly reduce noise impacts to nearby properties by eliminating the need for trains to blow their horns as they cross over Laurel Street.

Laurel Street will be depressed under 6 railroad tracks, 8th Street will be re-designed to end in a cul-de-sac because of the elevation change, and local street improvements will be made to maintain access to businesses, construction of retaining walls, utility relocations, drainage improvements and landscaping.


Construction began in early 2013 and is expected to last 18 months.  Keep watching for more updates and go to the grade separation website for more information.

HLE Hurries to Repair Roads after 5 Freeway Tanker Fire

Saturday morning, a tanker filled with 7500 gallons of gasoline crashed on the 5 and 2 freeway interchange in Los Angeles.  Damage was caused to the I-5 Freeway bridge due to the intense heat from the fire.  Several long-term closures have been made, rerouting traffic and slowing down drivers on nearby roads.

HLE is contracting with Caltrans to make the freeway drivable again.  They are working 24 hours a day to complete the repairs in the next 55 days.  Stay tuned for more updates from the project!  You can also find out more information at Southern California Public Radio’s website.

Below is a video of the fire:

HLE has completed a lot of work on this project since this was originally posted.  Flip through the slider below to see some photos of the work.

Image of 5 Freeway Tanker Fire repairs by HLE Image of 5 Freeway Tanker Fire repairs by HLE Image of 5 Freeway Tanker Fire repairs by HLE Image of 5 Freeway Tanker Fire repairs by HLE Image of 5 Freeway Tanker Fire repairs by HLE Image of 5 Freeway Tanker Fire repairs by HLE

As of Friday, the connector tunnel has now been reopened, with some impressive improvements.  New concrete and metal beam guardrails were added, along with LED lights that adjust based on the time of day and anti-graffiti coating. Now, thanks to HLE and the others that played a part in this project, the bridge is better off than it was before the fire. You can read more at the website of CBS Los Angeles.

The slider above has some pictures of the final, completed project.


Streeter Avenue Grade Separation Continues

Streeter Avenue BeattyFix and Louder

HLE is working for the City of Riverside to lower Streeter Avenue under a set of railroad tracks.  A bridge will be built to carry Dewey Avenue over Streeter Avenue and another will be built to carry the railroad tracks over Streeter Avenue.  Appleton and Lantana Streets will be realigned and a new street will be built to connect Streeter and Dewey Avenues.

Upon completion, the project will eliminate 3-6 minutes delay for each emergency vehicle that has to stop for a train and traffic is expected to increase from 12,800 vehicles per day to 29,000.  The project is expected to be completed by February 2015.

Visit the City of Riverside website to find out more information and updates about the project.

HLE Begins Work on the Mojave Solar Project


HLE is partnering with the Department of Energy to construct a concentrating solar plant – the Mojave Solar Project.  The plant will use advanced proprietary parabolic trough technology that will increase its efficiency and lower the cost.  It is located 100 miles Northeast of Los Angeles, near Barstow, California.   It will produce enough energy to serve more than 54,000 homes and will prevent the emission of more than 350,000 metric tons of CO2 per year.

Visit the project site to find out more information and updates.


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HLE Improves the Van Buren Boulevard Interchange

VB004      VB003

High-Light Electric is currently working on the I-215 Interchange of the Van Buren Boulevard to accommodate a recent increase in traffic … and facilitate future growth.

The project includes a new eastbound to northbound entrance ramp, the realignment and widening of the Boulevard as a whole, the replacement of bridges that go across the railroad and the highway, the addition of traffic signals and other aesthetic changes.

The construction work began in the Summer of 2012 and is projected to be completed by February 2014.  Visit the Riverside County Transportation Department website for more information about the project.

Project Photo Sheet              Project Photo Sheet            Project Photo Sheet